Anil Ambani Income Per Second -Earning Highlights

Anil Ambani Income Per Second

When a London Court directed Reliance Group chairman Anil Ambani to pay $100 million to the court in six weeks in response to a lawsuit filed by 3 Chinese banks, this was the official statement by Anil Ambani:

“The value of my investments has collapsed. My net worth is zero after taking into account my liabilities. In summary, I do not hold any meaningful assets which can be liquidated for the purposes of these proceedings.”

How did Anil Ambani net worth come down to zero

Last year his company Reliance Group filed for bankruptcy and once a billionaire Anil Ambani saw his fortune dwindle. He likes to blame the system but it was mostly his own wrong decisions that led to this.

Anil Ambani’s Net Worth is Now Zero & his per second income is also zero

As you might know, Anil and Mukesh, both Ambanis started the race with equal fuel in the tank. Mukesh ran a marathon but Anil thought it to be a sprint. After initial success, his choices started to turn out awfully wrong.

Eventually, his profits declined and his debts increased which led to his current financial status.

Though, Mukesh Ambani has helped him in the past. Let’s see if he comes forward to help him again or if he goes to jail.

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