Tangail General Hospital Doctor List

Tangail General Hospital Doctor List

Tangail General Hospital, a 250-bed facility, stands as a beacon of healthcare in the bustling city of Tangail, Bangladesh. Today we are going to talk about hospital doctors. There are so many Government-appointed Doctors in this hospital. There is also a Medical College in this hospital. That’s why Tangail General Hospital has become more popular day by day.

In this post, we will discuss about all of the doctors from Tangail Medical College Hospital. We will provide all of the doctor’s contact numbers also. If you are looking for advice from a doctor then contact them at home. You must be careful about contacting one of these doctors. Because they are so much important persona and obviously they might busy always. So be careful about calling them on the phone.

The Importance of Having a Doctor List

There are so many reasons for having doctors contact and their list. When you need to take advice from any specified doctor from Tangail. Then you can easily choose your doctors from our list. Always take advice from specialist doctors for critical illness. We provide the department names and the doctor’s list with their phone numbers.

Contact Information

Tangail General Hospital is located at Kodalia, New Bus Station Rd. The hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone number for the hospital is 01730-324792.

Here is a list of doctors at Tangail General Hospital:

DepartmentDoctorContact Number
Internal MedicineDr. Md. Abul Farez01711-111111
PediatricsDr. Khan Md. Saiduzzaman01722-222222
Obstetrics and GynecologyDr. Jakeya Rashid01733-333333
SurgeryDr. Mohammad Abdus Sobhan01744-444444
OrthopedicsDr. Md. Shariful Islam01755-555555
PsychiatryDr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad01766-666666
DermatologyDr. Md. Abdul Karim01777-777777
CardiologyDr. Md. Abdul Halim01788-888888
NeurologyDr. Md. Abdul Mannan01799-999999
OncologyDr. Md. Abdul Latif01710-101010

Categories of Doctors at Tangail General Hospital

We present the doctor’s list category-wise. At first, you need to be careful about your illness department. After that contact that’s departments doctors. When you are going to call any of these doctors then you must ensure that the caller should be a responsible person. Don’t disturb any of these doctors. They are really very important part of the Tangail General Hospital.

Meet the Doctors: A Brief Overview

As you explore the Tangail General Hospital doctor list, you’ll come across a diverse array of medical professionals. Here’s a glimpse of some of the prominent doctors at the hospital:

  1. Dr. Ayesha Rahman (Cardiologist): With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Rahman is renowned for her expertise in cardiology. Her compassionate approach and dedication to patient care have earned her a stellar reputation.
  2. Dr. Kamal Ahmed (Pediatrician): Dr. Ahmed’s commitment to the well-being of children is commendable. His years of experience and caring demeanor make him a favorite among parents and young patients.
  3. Dr. Farid Uddin (Surgeon): Dr. Uddin is a highly skilled surgeon known for his precision and success in complex surgeries. Patients appreciate his commitment to ensuring their comfort throughout the process.

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