2 American Tourists Found Dead in Mexico [VIDEO]

2 American Tourists Found Dead in Mexico

2 Americans were found dead at a Mexican luxury resort. The incident occurred on Tuesday 13th June 2023. The news was provided by a US state department spokesperson. they both are identified & Mexican Police investigating this case.

2 American Tourists Found Dead in Mexico

The American citizens are identified. Their name is Abby Luts (28) & her boyfriend John Heathco (41). They both stayed at a luxury resort in Mexico. They are suddenly found dead at the hotel.

According to his family person, The couple went there early this week for a vacation. They are already troubled with food poisoning. They also took an IV for the illness. After taking treatment they felt good & enjoying their vacations.

What Happened With The American Tourist

According to the law-enforced department, The chemist said they felt ‘intoxication symptoms’. The couple decided that they will leave soon for the illness. But They were found unresponsive in the room. The hotel staff discovered them dead.

2 American Tourists Found Dead in Mexico

The video footage of the Mexican hotel is collected by the Mexican police department. USA authorities also investigating this case. Hope that the story will be more clear after the report comes out & the investigation is complete. The CCTV footage is under processing. We will attach it sometime later in this part of today’s post.

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