Actress Monica Vitti Dies at 90 -Cause of death & Net Worth

Monica Vitti, the versatile movie star of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “L’Avventura” and other Italian alienation films of the 1960s, and later a leading comic actress, has died. She was 90. Today is a truly sad day, we have lost a great artist and a great Italian,” Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said in a statement.

The news of her death was tweeted by former Rome mayor and film critic Walter Veltroni on Wednesday. Her death was announced by the former politician and film director Walter Veltroni. He did not cite a cause, but said she had had Alzheimer’s disease for many years.

actress monica vitti cause of death is Alzheimer’s disease

Vitti shot to international fame with the 1960 drama “L’Avventura” (“The Adventure”) in which she plays a tormented woman who dallies with the lover of her missing friend.

Antonioni’s film is visually oriented, with the dialogue sparse and unimportant, making the viewer concentrate all the more on the expressions on Vitti’s face.

Actress Monica Vitti Net Worth is $4 Million

Born in Rome on November 3, 1931, Vitti — whose real name was Maria Luisa Ceciarelli — discovered her passion for the theatre during World War Two, when she entertained her family with puppets to relieve boredom.

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