Aaron Lewis Accident- What Happened with Him[VIDEO]

Aaron Lewis Obituary 

Purdue Veterinary Medicine student Aaron Lewis  has died unexpectedly at age 43. He died on Saturday 10th June 2023. The news of his death is published by authority. The dead body was confirmed by his family. Aaron Lewis  cause of death is an accident. He died after a kayak accident.

Aaron Lewis Obituary

The time was Saturday morning. Police received a call at 8:20 AM local time to rescue somone. The arrived tha place & found Aaron Lewis  dead at the spot. Aaron Lewis didn’t get found with life jacked. His kayak was truned & he tried to swim & survive.

Accoeding to reports, Aaron Lewis tried his best to go to tha land by swim. But he coundn’t. At the end time he died & found dead at 100 yards from the boat launcing spot. Aberdeen Police department tried to safe him But they couldn’t. This is such a bigg loss for his family.

Aaron Lewis Accident Video

Aaron Lewis died after a kayak accident. This is very unfortunate incidence. There are some of CCTV are attached on the lake areas. We are trying to get the footages for you. You should wait few more times to watch the video clips. Pray for Aaron Lewis & send condolences to his family.

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