Top Ten insurance company in Canada 2022

Top Ten insurance companies in Canada. Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It protects us from the police case and it helps us find stolen motorcycles and cars. It also provides security against a wide range of natural and manufactured calamities. It is a well-known fact that two-wheelers have more accidents than four-wheelers. If you will search you can find any privet insurance company anywhere in Canada. Find the right international insurance company for your needs and budget. Canada provides many good insurance companies. The top ten insurance companies are Intact Financial Corporation, Desjardins Group, Manulife, Aviva Canada, The Co-operators, SSQ Insurance, Unica Insurance, Canadian Automobile Association, La Capitale, Echelon Insurance.

Top 10 insurance company in Canada 2022

  1. Intact Financial Corporation

Intact Financial Corporation

Type Public
Founded 1809; 213 years ago
Headquarters Intact Centre,

Toronto, Canada

Revenue CA$12,143 million (2020)
Employees 16,000+ (2020)
  1. Desjardins Group

Desjardins Group

Type Cooperative
Founded 1900 in Lévis, Quebec
Headquarters Lévis, Quebec, Canada
Revenue C$20.32 billion (2021)
Employees 53,783 (FTE, 2021)
  1. Manulife


Type Public
Founded June 23, 1887; 134 years ago
Headquarters 200 Bloor Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1E5
Revenue CA$39.0 billion (2018)
Employees 34,000 employees and 63,000 agents (2015)
  1. Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada

Founded 1999
Headquarters Markham, Ontario
Employees approx. 4,000 (2016)
  1. The Co-operators

The Co-operators

Type Co-operative
Founded 1945
Headquarters 130 Macdonell Street
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 6P8
Revenue CA$3.8 billion (2016)
Employees 4,850 (2016)
  1. SSQ Insurance

SSQ Insurance

Type Mutual insurance
Founded 1944 in Quebec City, Canada
Revenue Nearly 3 billion CAD
Employees 2,000 employees
  1. Unica Insurance

Unica Insurance

Type Aktiengesellschaft
Founded 1811/1999
Headquarters Vienna, Austria
Revenue €5.37 billion (2019)
Employees 13,038 (2019)
  1. Canadian Automobile Association

Canadian Automobile Association

Founded 1913; 109 years ago
Headquarters 500-1545 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, OntarioK1Z 8P9
  1. La Capitale

La Capitale

Founded 1940
Headquarters Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  1. Echelon Insurance
Echelon Insurance
Type Subsidiary (Nasdaq: ELON)
Founded 1988
Headquarters Santa Clara, California, United States

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