Actress Ágata Lys Dies at 68 -What Happened With Her

Ágata Lys

The actress Ágata Lys, myth of the uncovering cinema of the 70s and 80s, has died at the age of 68 in Marbella (Malaga). The death occurred on November 12 and has not transcended until today.

Agate Lys dies, myth of the unveiling: “He really died 40 days ago in a mysterious silence”

Ágata Lys, one of the most important actresses of the 70s, has died at the age of 67. Although he died on November 12 in Marbella, where he lived since he retired, the sad news has not transcended until now. Born on December 3, 1953, in Valladolid, her real name was Margarita García Sansegundo.

She was the great muse of uncovering, falling in love with that Spain in black and white and appeared in numerous Spanish films and also in European cinema. Ágata began to study Philosophy and Letters but his great passion was acting so he abandoned the race and studied Dramatic Art in Madrid, for a few months.

Valeria Vegas, who in an Instagram post described Lys as “an absolute sex symbol of a Spain that was beginning to wake up and a great actress,” was in charge of making the sad news public. “He really died a little over 40 days ago, in a mysterious (and unfair) silence that has not transcended the media or the profession,” he laments. The news has also been confirmed by the Union of Actors and Actresses.

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