Akeera Savadge Obituary: Video Message Before Death

Akeera Savadge

A daughter of Virginia Akeera Savadge has died at age 27. Her family is from Newport News, Virginia. They remember this loss & feel mentally broken. Akeera Savadge died on Wednesday 8 March 2023.

Akeera Savadge died surrounding her family. She was suffering a fatal illness. Akeera Savadge’s cause of death is osteosarcoma-bone cancer. She was fighting against cancer since 2017.

Akeera Savadge was a 5-time cancer survivor. She lives in Maryland, USA. Her community is now in deep sorrow. People sending deep condolences to her family.

So many paying tributes to her. Akeera Savadge married Lew Savadge in February 2022. She was also a woman from Oakland. Finally, she passed away from bone cancer.

The funeral arrangements are not made public yet. Hopefully, it will come out soon. We will keep providing the funeral details in the next updates.

There is no video footage has been disclosed yet. We will attach the footage here if any are available online. Keep sharing this page for further details. A lot of prayers for her.

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