Alexei Navalny Killed in Prison Before Election, Cause Of Death Revealed

Alexei Navalny cause of death

Russian opposition political leader Alexei Navalny has died suddenly at age 47. He died on Friday 16 February 2024. The Russian authority confirmed the news of his death.

Alexei Navalny died at nearly 2.17 PM local time as per his mother’s statement. This opposition leader died before the election. The next election is scheduled for less than a month and Alexei Navalny died in prison.

This is unexpected and a perfect planning murder. According to a lot of news journals, Alexei Navalny was killed in prison before the election. Alexei Navalny’s dead body was hand-covered for the autopsy test.

Officially Alexei Navalny’s cause of death is not provided yet. But it’s clear that he was killed in prison. Alexei Navalny was physically alright and a video footage was shared where he was told jokes. Alexei Navalny was seen well that’s a video.

But suddenly how could he die? It’s a major issue at this time. Alexei Navalny maderd at age 47. We must want justice for this incident. People sought justice and the opposition party mourned this death. Stay connected for the latest updates.

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