Kelvin Kiptum Car Accident Video :CCTV Footage

Kelvin Kiptum Car Accident

World marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum has died unexpectedly at age 24. He died on Sunday 11 February 2024. The Kenya authority announced the news of his death.

Kelvin Kiptum was involved in a fatal car crash near Kaptagat, south-west Kenya. At the time of 11 PM, their car lost control and crashed. There are 3 people in the car. Kelvin Kiptum & his coach Gervais Hakizimana died on the spot.

The 3rd person got critically injured and he was taken to the hospital immediately. Kelvin Kiptum & his coach Kelvin Kiptum were declared dead at the spot according to the Kenya Police Department.

According to social media, Kelvin Kiptum’s car accident video was recorded on a car’s dash cam. The video footage is now popular on social media. people searching online to get the video of Kelvin Kiptum’s car accident.

We are trying to reach the video. Now the footage is on our hands. It is under processing. We will provide the video link in this article in the next update. Stay connected to watch the exclusive footage of Kelvin Kiptum’s car accident.


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