Alo Bandz Shot Dead :CCTV Footage Released

Alo Bandz

Rapper Alo Bandz died on Sunday 19th February 2023. He died by a tragic shot out. The rapper is from Diego, California. The incident occurred in Claremont Park. Let’s explain the CCTV footage below.

The murderer is around 22 years old & he shot so many times on rapper Alo Bandz’s chest. It happened before noon on Sunday.

Alo Bandz Cause of Death

Alo Bandz was shot dead at Clairmonk Park.

The Park was located at 4421 Nannock Avenue, near of north Clairemont Recreation Complex. Police confirmed the incident & investigating the case.

Police didn’t mention any shooter details or murderer information yet. Authority used a chopper to catch the shooter.

Alo Bandz Shot Dead Video

There are so many people who search online to watch video footage. But there is no official video footage that has been transferred from Park authorities yet. We are trying to collect the footage & provide it to you.

Alo Bandz

we will keep updating this post with the video in further updates. Stay connected with us for the footage. Hope that you got the information that you need about Alo Bandz’s obituary. May his soul rest in peace.

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