Andreas Frey Cause of Death :Authority Statement

German Bodybuilder Andreas Frey has died at age 43. He died on Thursday 20 October 2022. It was very unexpected & heartbreaking for his family. The authorities confirmed the news. Let’s check how did he die? What happened to him?

German bodybuilding star has left his wife & two daughters. He died suddenly on 20 to 21 October night in his sleep. German media has confirmed the news that Andreas Frey has died in his sleep. It means he didn’t take to the hospital.

There are no physical illnesses or medical history attached. He was perfectly alright on the day. Even he celebrates his 43 birthday on October 20th. His family is now mentally broken & people sending condolences to his family.

Bodybuilder Andreas Frey may die of cardiac arrest. Some of the unofficial sources said that he was in an acute heart condition. It means there is the possibility to die of cardiac arrest. But officially his family didn’t publish any cause of death.

We are trying to find out the official statement about this topic. There are so many bodybuilders who had died of cardiac arrest. This is the biggest reason for most bodybuilders die. But we should believe the official sources.

We will keep posted if any changes or updates are available. Stay with us for the latest updates. May his soul rest in peace. netizens sharing deep sorrow & condolences to his family.

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