Anne Rice Net Worth & Family – How Did she Die!

Anne Rice

Anne Rice, the Gothic novelist best known for her best-selling book “Interview With the Vampire,” died on Saturday. She was 80.

Her son, Christopher Rice, wrote on social media that Ms. Rice died of “complications resulting from a stroke.”

Anne Rice, Who Spun Gothic Tales of Vampires, Dies at 80

AMC Networks is set to premiere a series next year based on Interview with the Vampire. The company has acquired the rights to 18 of Rice’s books. The prolific author wrote over 30 books and had more than a million followers on Facebook, according to her website.

While Rice seemed to relish in the world of the undead, in the late 1990s, she rediscovered her Catholic faith, according to That discovery prompted her to write Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt and Angel Time.

Rice was born in New Orleans and the city became the backdrop for many of her books.

Anne Rice net worth is near about $60 Million

“In her final hours, I sat beside her hospital bed in awe of her accomplishments and her courage,” Christopher Rice wrote in the statement.

Anne Rice was the author of the 1976 novel “Interview with the Vampire,” which was later adapted into a movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in 1994. It was also expected to be portrayed in a TV series on AMC and AMC+ in 2022.

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