Actress Sayaka Kanda Dies at 35 -What Happened With Her!

Sayaka Kanda

Actress and singer Sayaka Kanda was found falling from the 14th floor of a luxury hotel in Sapporo on Dec. 18. She died at the age of 35. Kanda, 35, was found lying around 1 p.m. Saturday in an outdoor space on the 14th floor of the 22-story hotel where she was staying and was confirmed dead after being taken to hospital.

She made her acting debut in 2001. Kanda performed in many musicals and also was the voice actor for Anna in Disney’s 2014 hit anime “Frozen” when it was dubbed into Japanese. Kanda’s office in early Dec. 19 issued a statement to confirm she died the previous evening at 9:40 p.m.

“It is with extreme sadness that we announce her death to her fans and those who have supported her,” the statement read. “We still are unable to accept her passing and trying to cope with it.”

Japanese star Sayaka Kanda dies after falling from 14th floor of hotel

The Hokkaido prefectural police department is looking into the possibility of suicide.

Kanda, the daughter of actor Masaki Kanda and singer Seiko Matsuda, went into the show business in 2001. She was known for doing the voice of Anna in the Japanese dubbed version of the Disney animation movie “Frozen.”

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