ARD News Anchor Name List Germany

ARD News Anchor Name List Germany

ARD(Allgemeine Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands) news anchors is one of the top searched quarries in Germany. Today we will present the news presenter’s details on our website. There are so many people who search online to get the anchor’s details in Germany. Our site provides the latest information about all of the channel anchors & their details. If you wanna get ARD tv news channel details then follow this article. ARD has start its journey in 1950. The channel giving us quality service for a long time. it has missions of followers & viewers. We have attached some popular anchors in this post today.

ARD Male Anchor Name List

ARD Male Anchor Name List. German people always like to watch the news on TV channels. ARD is one of the first choices of them. In this part, We tried to provide you with the male anchors or news readers’ names of ARD TV. This channel has a lot of famous & popular news presenters. All of them are so talented & very smart. The senior anchor keeps their quality service from starting time. Let’s enjoy the name list below.

  1. Claus-Erich Boetzkes
  2. Thomas Roth
  3. Ingo Zamperoni
  4. Tom Buhrow
  5. Caren Miosga
  6. Jens Riewa
  7. Jan Hofer
  8. Constantin Schreiber
  9. Sven Lorig
  10. Christian Sievers
  11. Matthias Fornoff
  12. Jan Malte Andresen
  13. Reinhold Beckmann
  14. Michael Antwerpes
  15. Andreas Cichowicz

ARD Female Anchor Name List

  1. Anne Will
  2. Marietta Slomka
  3. Judith Rakers
  4. Tina Hassel
  5. Ingo Zamperoni (also works as a male anchor)
  6. Anja Reschke
  7. Dunja Hayali
  8. Caren Miosga
  9. Susanne Holst
  10. Sandra Maischberger
  11. Anne Gesthuysen
  12. Charlotte Potts
  13. Pinar Atalay
  14. Petra Gerster
  15. Eva Herman

ARD Female Anchor Name List. German people are very much interested to know about the female anchors of ARD TV. The Broadcaster company has appointed so many young & gorgeous female news readers. We gave her some of their names & photos. If you wanna know more anchors details then comment to us. We will try to provide information on your opinion.

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