Ariana Viera Car Accident Video :DashCam Footage

Ariana Viera

Miss Venezuela Ariana Viera unexpectedly died at age 26. She died on 13 July Thursday 2023. The mysterious thing is that she appears to predict her own funeral just a month before. The community of Florida gets a shock wave to know this news. So many sending condolences to her family.

Ariana Viera Cause of Death

Ariana Viera’s cause of death is a tragic car crash. She was driving on Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida. Suddenly she fell asleep while she was driving the vehicle. After that, her car crashed into a truck. Her mother confirmed that she was tired after her routine work.

Ariana gets critically injured after the accident. After that, she was taken to the hospital but she couldn’t survive. She left her last breath on the way to the hospital. This is such a horror & heartbroken accident.

Ariana Viera Car Accident

Ariana Viera’s car accident video is in process. We will attach the footage in this part of today’s post a few moments later. Ariana Viera’s car accident news was officially been published by her mother. She confirmed the death news & the horror car crash.

Ariana Viera

The accident video footage is spread online after it was published. The footage is now viral online. We have collected the dashcam footage. You can easily get the clip in this part of our post. Stay connected with us for the latest updates on Ariana Viera’s obituary. May her soul rest in peace.

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