Auxiliary Bishop Shot Dead Video CCTV Footage Found


A local Catholic church official Bishop has been shot and killed. Bishop shot dead in LA, California. He was shot at home & killed. Let’s explain the CCTV footage.

The incident occurred 1500 block of Janlu Avenue. It happened near around 1 PM. When the cops reached the spot they found Bishop was shot in the chest with a gunshot wound.

Bishop was reportedly on the spot dead. The deputies responded are investigating this case. There are no one has been arrested in this case yet.

Police trying to get the CCTV footage of all nearby areas. Bishop was serving Los Angeles for more than 45 years. Police trying to find the murderer.

Curious people trying to watch the CCTV footage of those areas. There is so much video footage that has founded. But all of those are under investigation.


We will provide the footage soon. Keep following us for exclusive videos. We will attach the file here for further updates.

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