Berta Riaza Cause of Death, Funeral Details & Photos

Berta Riaza

Actress Berta Riaza dies at the age of 94. How did she die? What was her cause of death? The funeral details and photos are given below. All the details are attached. Scroll down for detailed information.

The theatrical actress Berta Riaza has died this Sunday at the age of 94 in Madrid, has informed the Film Academy, which says goodbye to the artist extolling her as “one of the great interpreters of the theater in Spain”, with an extensive career.

Berta Riaza, the historic actress who passionately kissed Concha Velasco on the mouth, dies. The theater mourns the death of Berta Riaza. A pioneer and a lover of the tables who has died at the age of 95. She lived in Julieta Serrano’s house.

Inseparable friends, the actress took care of her when Riaza’s memory began to show signs that she was failing. In 2003, after a life devoted to acting, she stepped off the stage.

Her film career began with ‘Don Juan Tenorio’ which would be followed by ‘Diez fusiles esperan’, ‘Los escondites’, ‘Jalea real’, ‘Entre tinieblas’ or ‘Luces de bohemia’.

Berta Riaza Funeral Details

Her last appearance on the big screen was in 2002, in the film “Octavia”, by Basilio Martín Patino, and shortly after he retired.

Her first big role and the first thunderous applause came when she premiered Historia de una escalera, by Buero Vallejo. The success achieved allowed him to be the protagonist of great works.

Her funeral details is not published yet. We are trying ti find the details about his last function. There are so many people paying a tribute to her. They sending condolence to her family.

With parents who make up film and theater, Berta Riaza entered the School of Dramatic Art at the age of 14. He made her debut at the María Guerrero Theatre in Madrid with Historia de una casa, by Joaquín Calvo Sotelo, in 1949.


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