Beth Matthews Cause of Death -Why She Attempts Suicide

Beth Matthews

A young woman who documented her mental health problems and how she fought them for many years has died. Beth Mathews was a mental health victim and a severe trauma patient before becoming influential on social media.

Beth Matthews Cause of Death

Beth Matthews was blogging about her mental health journey after a suicide attempt in April 2019.

He fell off a bridge in the A388, on the A30 in Lanston, Cornwall, and was taken to hospital in an air ambulance due to multiple serious injuries.

She shared her recovery raw account and helped others who are suffering from mental health issues.

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Why Beth Matthews Attempts Suicide

According to his Twitter account, he was suicide and survived the ICU. She had a mental health problem and spinal cord damage. With over 25,000 followers on social media, she managed to impress a large number of people in her life.

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