Accident or sabotage behind Bipin Rawat’s death?

Bipin Rawat

He was constantly trying to suppress militant, rebel groups across the country, especially in the North East. He never accepted Chinese infiltration into Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh. The policy of replacing teeth with teeth and eyes instead of eyes was that of the late Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat.

So the question of his plane crash death on Wednesday afternoon has been raised across India, is it just an accident? Or is there sabotage behind it? A brutal conspiracy to remove thorns in the road? Bipin Rawat arrived at the Salur airbase on Wednesday morning with his wife Madhulika on a special flight from Delhi around 11.35 pm.

There was a chopper with Russian MI17V waiting for him. Specially built for VVIP movement and all safety measures are in place. The chopper flew into the sky around 11.50. Bipin Rawat was accompanied by Madhulika and twelve fellow officers and commandos. The chopper was seen landing quickly as described by eyewitness Shivakumar.
The chopper caught fire when it hit a tree 200 meters above and collapsed on the ground as it burned.

Shivakumar first rushed to the spot. He found 12 to 13 charred bodies lying on the spot. It was twelve twenty on the clock. This is where the question that has become big is whether the chopper caught fire in the accident or did the chopper collapse due to a fire?

Experts believe that the real mystery lies in the answer to this question. Speaking against those who are talking about poor visibility in the cloudy sky, veteran chopper flying pilot Prithvipal Chauhan would not have sat in the cockpit for nearly half an hour, the accident, which took place twenty minutes away from defence staff college in Wellington, is raising many questions.

Captain Barun Singh, the only survivor of the 14 chopper riders, is battling death in wellington hospital. Does he survive and will the Air Force investigation reveal the mystery? Only time can answer this question.

Source: মানবজমিন

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