Denise Richards And Husband Shot Video :CCTV Footage

Denise Richards

Denise Richards & her Husband Aaron Phypers has involved in a shooting incident on November 14 Monday. The incident occurred in Los Angeles. The video of their shooting is now trending.

There are millions of people searching online that what happened with Denise Richards & husband. Actually, the couple is going to a studio in Los Angeles.

Denise Richards & her husband Aaron Phypers was driving quietly. They are driving the side of a truck. At the last moment, they slow down their car to take a side & park. The person who shot ar in a car exactly behind Denise Richards’s car.

When the couple slow down their car, then the gun person got angry & shot randomly. After that Denise Richards’s car was involved in the shot & hit the bullet. The truck was also involved in this.

Video Footage Will Attach Soon…

There is no one injured after the incident. L.A. Police investigating this case seriously. The video is not come out publically yet. We are trying to provide the footage for you. We will attach it when the footage is published. Till then stay with us & keep following our site.

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