Devin Clark & Lyric Woods Death Cause :Authority Confirmed

Lyric Woods

Devin Clark & Lyric Woods were found dead in North Carolina. They are school friends in the class 9th standard. They both disappeared on the 17th of September Saturday at the time of nearly evening 1.30 PM.

They were seen moving together on Saturday. After that Sunday they were found dead.  She was just 14 years old & they both were teens.

The case is under investigation. The autopsy results are not published yet. We are trying to find out the actual death cause. What happened with Devin Clark & Lyric Woods?

Instantly Carolina police didn’t mention any detailed information about it.  The initial investigation has declared the unidentified men as the suspect in the double murder.

It’s confirmed that Lyric Woods & Devin Clark has killed. But it’s not clear who killed Lyric Woods & Devin Clark. We are trying to find out behind the incident details.

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