Elly Mattiuzzo dead at 18- What Happened With Her! {Latest Video}

Figure skater Elly Mattiuzzo has passed away aged just 18 after a horror car crash which also involved her boyfriend.

According to Italian publication Gazzetta dello Sport, the couple were driving on the road from Borgo Maggiore in San Marino towards Castello di Murata at approximately 9:30pm.

But the Fiat 500 they were driving fatally lost control and went into the oncoming traffic before smashing into a Golf.

Mattiuzzo and her boyfriend, Daniele Volanti, were reported to have died ‘instantly’ at the scene.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old Volkswagen Golf driver was also left with injuries, but isn’t suffering from life-threatening injuries. A third car too also hit the wedged car.

Elly Mattiuzzo dead aged 18: Figure skater dies in horror car crash alongside boyfriend

RIP ELLY Elly Mattiuzzo dead at 18: Tributes paid to figure skating star after dying in horror car crash alongside boyfriend

According to Gazzetta dello Sport the couple were driving a Fiat 500 on the road from Borgo Maggiore towards Castello di Murata at around 9:30pm.

Elly Mattiuzzo, 18, was travelling in a Fiat 500 with her boyfriend Daniele Volanti heading towards Castello di Murata in San Marino when the crash occurred, Gazzetta dello Sport said.

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But they lost control of the car and ended up smashing into a Volkswagen Golf, before also being hit by a third car.

Mattiuzzo and Volanti are said to have died instantly, while the driver of the VW suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the smash.

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