Gavin Escobar Rock Climbing Accident Video :CCTV Footage

Gavin Escobar

Former Cowboys Gavin Escobar has died in a rock climbing accident. He was only 31 years old. He is one of two hikers who died in this accident. The other one is Chelsea Walsh & he is 33 years old. How did they die? What happened with them? Check the accident CCTV Footage.

The accident occurred on Tahquitz Rock near Idyllwild, the riverside country. The incident was held on Wednesday as per the official statement. Gavin Escobar died after the accident. The exact time of this accident was Wednesday 12.30 PM, California.

The firefighters tried to rescue them but they couldn’t. They discovered both climbers dead at a time. Before they climb, A small rain fell on those areas early in the day. But it’s not sure how the accident occurred.

Gavin Escobar left his wife & two children. They are now mentally broken at this time. There are so many people who know them, sending condolences to his family.

The video of Gavin Escobar’s rock climbing accident is not published yet. Our team trying to find out the video footage if possible. We will keep posted if any changes or updates may available online. Gavin Escobar death related more information will come out after the autopsy result come out. Stay with us for the video footage.

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