Guy Lafleur Cause of Death Explored-What Happened With Him

Guy Lafleur

Canadian hockey player Guy Lafleur died at the age of 70. His wife announced the news through a Facebook post. The news of his death was announced last Friday.

The popular Canadian icon and at the same time Marquee Performer won the Stanley Cup five times. His death has led to silence among the devotees and followers. Everyone mourned his death.

How Did Guy Lafleur Die

However, in October 2020, he was diagnosed with cancer in his right lung. Earlier in 2019, cancerous germs were removed from his left lung. Moreover, no medical history was mentioned.

His teammates are deeply saddened by the death of the popular hockey player. And his family is devastated. Throughout his career, he has earned the support and love of numerous people. He has finally fallen asleep at the age of 70.

According to various sources, it is believed that Guy Lafleur died of cancer.

Doctors removed one-third of his right lung because he was diagnosed with cancer. He had previously been treated for cancer for a long time. No cause of Guy Lefleur’s death was immediately mentioned.

In a statement on the death of the popular hockey player, the Commissioner of the National Hockey League said that the entire league is in mourning and expressed his condolences to his loved ones. We all wish his soul peace.

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