How to Vote Eurovision 2024

There are actually two ways to vote for Eurovision 2024, depending on where you are located:

For viewers in participating countries:

  • You can vote using the official Eurovision Song Contest app available for iOS, Android, or Windows devices. [Eurovision Song Contest app]
  • You can also vote by phone or SMS using the numbers shown on TV during the live shows. The rates and legal terms will be displayed on screen.

For viewers in non-participating countries (including Bangladesh):

  • The good news is that you can still vote! This year, Eurovision opened up voting to everyone worldwide.
  • You can use the same official Eurovision Song Contest app mentioned above.
  • Alternatively, you can vote directly on the official Eurovision website at [].

In both cases, some key things to remember:

  • Voting for the Grand Final has been extended! You can now vote for your favorite songs starting 24 hours before each Semi-Final and the Grand Final itself.
  • During the live shows, voting opens before the first performance and closes approximately 25-40 minutes after the last song.
  • You cannot vote for the song from your own country.
  • Each voter gets a maximum of 20 votes, which you can allocate to one song or spread across several.

I hope this helps you cast your vote for your favorite Eurovision act!

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