I Nesta Cause of Death Revealed-See Funeral Details

I Nesta

Panamanian singer I-Nesta dies at 39. The people of Panama are mourning the passing of I-Nesta, one of their beloved singers. This Wednesday, July 13, 2022, I-Nesta passed away.

The world of Panamanian music is in mourning. The early morning of this Wednesday, July 13, was known of the death of Panamanian singer I Nesta, also known as “El Rasta del Futuro”.

From the Panamanian media “TVN”, Joseph Elías Apolayo, name of the artist, was in delicate health and detained in the Santo Tomás hospital due to problems in his stomach and lungs.

The main artists who influenced I Nesta’s life in one way or another were Gun’s N Roses and Bob Marley.

His inspiration in all his themes was based on the rastafarian spiritual movement “Jah”, which considers Haile Selassie to be the reincarnation of Jah.

Panamanian roots reggae singer Joseph Apolayo (1982-2022), known as I-Nesta, who was part of the group “Inspiración Mística” and then began his career as a soloist, died on July 12 at the age of 39, after being hospitalized for several days at the Santo Tomás Hospital.

I Nesta Funeral service is not yet published. We will keep updating our post if there are any changes. To check the latest news about this death follow us. We should send condolences to his family.


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