Ilana Kalil Cause of Death, is it Suicide? – What Happened With Her

Ilana Kalil

Ilana Kalil, the wife of the famous gynecologist Renato Kalil, dies, at the age of 40, in SP. Died on Monday (14) the surgical instrumentadora Ilana Kalil, who was married to the gynecologist Renato Kalil, one of the darlings of celebrities.

She was found in the early hours of the morning and leaves two daughters, both fruits of her marriage to the doctor.

Prosecutors appointed prosecutor Fernando Bolque, of the 5th jury court, to monitor the investigation of Ilana’s death. The MP reported that, in this case, investigates the circumstances of death and the suspicion of suicide.

According to information from the São Paulo Department of Public Safety, which investigates the case, the case was recorded as a consummate suicide. He was filed in the 89th Police District in Morumbi.

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How Did Ilana Kalil Die?

The information was confirmed to who by the press office of the obstetrician. The Secretariat of Public Security of São Paulo also confirmed the death and, according to the folder, the case was recorded as a suicide consummated in the 89th Police District, in Morumbi, and other details will be preserved.

Late last year, Renato Kallil was accused of obstetric violence in the birth of the youngest daughter of digital influencer Shantal Verdelho. Other patients ended up denouncing the doctor, also for sexual abuse. At the time, through the networks, Ilana came out in defense of her husband, sharing several messages of support from former patients of the doctor.

Prosecutors said the investigations and a woman who also denounced obstetric violence during childbirth with the doctor was heard on Monday.

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