Julia Budzinski Car Accident Video CCTV Footage

First-base coach Mark Budzinski is taking a leave of absence from the Toronto Blue Jays following the death of his daughter. The team announced the passing of Julia Budzinski, who was 17, on Sunday morning. Henrico teen Julia Budzinski was presumably killed in a boating accident.

Julia was on the basketball and soccer teams at Glen Allen High School. Reginald Davenport, Glen Allen’s principal, announced her death in a tweet Saturday. Budzinski, who left the team during Saturday evening’s game, is with his wife, Monica, and children, Josh and Lily. On Sunday, members of the organization expressed their love and support for the Budzinski family.

Luis Hurtado took over for Budzinski as the first base coach midway through Saturday’s 11-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. The team said following the game Budzinski was tending to a “personal matter.”

Julia Budzinski was 17 years old. The team said Budzinski will be away from the team to be with his wife, Monica, and children Josh and Lily.

The Blue Jays later held a moment of silence prior to their home game against the Rays in Julia’s honor, as players and coaches from both teams lined up along the foul lines before the first pitch. Bullpen catcher Luis Hurtado filled in as first base coach; Hurtado also took over for Budzinski after he left the dugout along with manager Charlie Montoyo early in the second game of Saturday’s doubleheader.



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