Julius Gonzalez Car Accident Video :Webcam Footage

Car Crash

Thursday 25th May 2 fatal car crash occurred. A passenger name Julius Gonzalez died on the spot after the 2nd collision. Julius Gonzalez was only 15 years old & he was critically injured after the accident.

The accidents occurred on 53rd Avenue, Glendale, California. A car driver lost control & after that roll out on the road and got crash with side separator. After that, the driver was injured & rescued.

Julius Gonzalez Cause Of Death

After the first accident, the vehicle was parked at the roadside. Then the 2nd car crashed with the vehicle & all of the passengers with driver injured seriously. One of the passengers was Julius Gonzalez. He died after the collision.

Julius Gonzalez Car Accident Video

Julius Gonzalez’s car accident video went viral online after the collision. The footage is now under processing. Police investigating this accident. There are Three passengers & drivers who got injured after the collision.

Stay connected with us for the latest video footage. We will attach Julius Gonzalez’s car crash video in this part of today’s post. Share this article with your friends. Julius Gonzalez was a loving guy. People remembering this loss. May his soul rest in peace.

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