Katsuya Kitamura Cause of Death :Authority Statement

Katsuya Kitamura

Wrestler Katsuya Kitamura died at age 36. According to online sources, he died on 12 October 2022. He was a former New Japan Pro Wrestling Fighter & Bodybuilder from Japan. How did he die? What happened to him? the cause of death has been tried given below.

The wrestler was perfectly alright before Tuesday. Suddenly he felt uncomfortable & sick. After that, they call an Ambulance & the wrestler was taken to the hospital immediately. After that, the condition went very critical & Wrestler Katsuya couldn’t survive.

Wrestler Katsuya takes his last breath at the hospital. He was just 36 years old & very well known as “The Wrestling Monster”. There are millions of people trying to know the official death cause of Wrestler Katsuya. He was an idol of all wrestlers.

According to the symptoms of Wrestler Katsuya’s illness, he may die from cardiac arrest. The sickness symptoms indicate cardiac arrest. But officially the death reason has not been publically disclosed. We should wait for the official statement for it.

Do not spread any rumors. Wrestler Katsuya’s cause of death is not published yet officially. But his death news is confirmed by authorities. We should send his family condolences. His family is now mentally broken. Show some respect for his family secrets. May his soul rest in peace.

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