Kenneth Tsang Cause of Death Explored-What Happened With Him

Veteran Hong Kong actor and James Bond star Kenneth Tsang died at the age of 86. The popular actor was found dead in a Hong Kong hotel on Wednesday, April 27.

Police said that around noon that day, the hotel staff found a body and informed the police. The cause of the actor’s death was not immediately disclosed. But at the beginning of the week, he had a COVID test.

A source informs that the late actor had returned from a trip to Sound Singapore. Back in Hong Kong, he stayed at the hotel for travel quarantine as per rules. He also tested negative for COVID.

How Did Kenneth Tsang  Die

The popular actor’s death has left his fans and teammates devastated. His loved ones have all expressed grief. Followers on various social media platforms expressed their condolences.

Many doubt the cause of Kenneth Tsang’s death. A lot of people are searching for it online. He was 86 years old and recently underwent a COVID test. The cause of his death is not yet known.

Since the actor has recently traveled to different countries. Like he had traveled to Malaysia before going to Singapore. It is believed that he was physically fit. However, the cause of this sudden death cannot be determined yet. Hong Kong police are investigating the matter. The cause of his death is not known until after receiving the medical report. We are all welcome to his family’s privacy.

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