Rapper FBG Cash Shoot Dead -How Did He Die

Chicago rapper FBG Cash was killed at 31. He has killed on Friday early morning of 10th June per ABC 7 Chicago. Police say that he has killed at morning 5.32 AM.

There was also a woman with him. She was also shot but she is still alive. According to a police statement, FBG cash sustained multiple gunshots. He was immediately taken to a medical center, the doctor pronounced him dead. Police are currently investigating this case. But they have not identified any suspect yet or taken anyone in their custody.

Rapper FBG Cash Cause of Death-
What Happened To Him

The suspect lifts this place immediately after shooting out. The women’s big team was struck in the lift arm and upper back. What was the cause of the killing? It remains clear.

We also see that it is a trend among American rappers to keep pistols. The trend of shooting and killing rappers has been going on for a long time.

So we offer our condolences to his family. I hope his culprits are punished soon. We wish peace to his soul.

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