Lauren Gilstrap Cause of Death :Authority Statement

Lauren Gilstrap

Dr. Lauren Gilstrap MD, unexpectedly passed away on October 23, Sunday 2022. She was a Medical Assistant Professor at Dartmouth. The news was published on Twitter on 24 October Monday. How did she die? What happened to her? Let’s check the details.

Lauren Gilstrap died at age 38. Her family is in a mentally broken condition. People are shocked to know news who knows her very well. Her family didn’t attach any immediate cause for it.

The hospital authorities didn’t publish any death caused till now. Her family trying to keep it secret. We also should show respect for their secrets. The authorities confirmed the death but they didn’t attach any immediate cause of death.

Do not share any kind of rumors. there are no causes of death is published till now. We are trying to find the official statement about the death cause. We will keep updating this post if any updates are available. Stay with us for any further changes.

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