Layno Ramos Cause Of Death, What Happened With Him


15-year-old boy Layno Ramos has died tragically. He died on 26 May 2023. The news of his death was published recently. He was so young & died unexpectedly. In this post, we tried to explore what happened with Layno Ramos.

Layno Ramos Cause Of Death

Layno Ramos has died after taking a counterfeit tablet. The pill was supplied by his teenage friends. It was such a heartbroken situation. Layno Ramos was a resident of Yakima, Washington.

Layno Ramos died after taking Fentanyl. “A synthetic opioid that can be up to 100 times more potent than morphine.” The medicine is basically used for severe pain. Layno Ramos was given a counterfeit tablet which is similar to a blue M30 pill. It’s all dangerous & deadly for abuse.

What Happened With Layno Ramos

Layno Ramos was supplied with counterfeit pills. He was laying on the road & roadside people took photos of him. Layno Ramos was unresponsive at those time but no one took him to the hospital. Layno Ramos couldn’t survive & passed away.

The Yakima community are in shocked to know about this incident. People mourning him. Awarnes are in a critical stage at this time. We should grow awareness against overdose & counterfeit pills. Layno Ramos’s family is deeply shocked & we should show them respect & condolence.

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