Lil Meri Passed Away at 22 – What Happened With Him

Lil Meri

Lil Meri studied Mechanical engineering with Letaba Tvet College Maake Campus until N3. Due to unemployment, he realized his music career under the notorious Bolobedu Group “Bad Company” under the commandership of General Manizo. Where they released several songs such as “Welcome back Manizo “

Lil Meri, also known as Samuel Mauritius Malatji, was a South African young artist who died lately. ‘THIPA’ and ‘Melemo,’ both released in 2020, have proven to be significant to him and have resulted in numerous unforgettable performances.

The performer was also in the top 30 on Thobela FM. He swept the music industry by storm with his single blockbusters “Ke ngwana Wa Motho” and “Melomo ya batho.” He became well-known after the release of his hit tune “NGWANA MOTHO,” which caused a stir in the bolobedu music industry, and he has since recorded more singles.

People are saying that he died of short of illness

Her death news has been confirmed by Tzaneen Voice, in a tweet, we can read that, “A singer Lil Mer is no more now she has been passed away at 22. She wasn’t well and suffering from some serious illness. Hence as per her manager, she isn’t in this world nows. Rest In Peace.” She was released numerous songs with the groups. Her fans are so heartbroken and this is si shocking for them to read her death news. Well, the reason for her death is her illness. She wasn’t well for so long and she was fought for her grief a lot but she is no more now.

After getting some mainstream attention, Lil Meri got into trouble when he was found wearing a South African Defence Force uniform (SANDF). Fortunately, he was released a few days later because this was his first offense.

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