Lynette Hardaway Cause of Death :CCTV Footage

Lynette Hardaway

Lynette Hardaway who is well known as Diamond and Silk died at age 51. The news was confirmed by her family member. There is a strong possibility of Covid-19 being positive. Let’s check how did she die?

Her sister shared a heartbroken status on Twitter. She announced the dead news on Monday 9th January 2023. They asked to keep them secret.

There are millions of people wanna check how did Lynette Hardaway die? According to online sources, Diamond and Silk were admitted to the hospital the last few days for Covid-19 positive & others health problems.

After that, she died finally for the Covid-19. Lynette Hardaway finally left her last breath on Monday night. She was in North Carolina. Trump published a statement about it.

According to online feedback, Lynette Hardaway was a Covid-19 Vaccine hater. People say that she was admitted to the Hospital in November. Online users saying that She died of Covid-19.

But officially there is no cause of death published yet. We should believe the authentic statement. The authority has just confirmed the death news. But they didn’t mention any cause of it.

Lynette Hardaway

We need to wait a few more times to know the actual information. Lynette Hardaway’s hospitalization video is not made public yet. We will keep updating this post with the video if available.

Stay with us for the LIVE update about Lynette Hardaway’s death incident. We will keep posting further information with you. Keep following us for Lynette Hardaway’s last video before death.

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