DJ Sumbody Shot Dead Video :CCTV Footage

DJ Sumbody

South African Music artist DJ Sumbody whose’s real name is Oupa John Sefoka died at age 30. The musician was popular for multiple talents like Radio hosts, music artists & and entrepreneurs. He was reported to killed on 20th November Sunday 2022. Let’s check the CCTV footage of this incident.

According to online sources, DJ Sumbody was killed by shooting. The news was confirmed by his music brand. They didn’t attach an immediate cause of death. But so many online sources tell that DJ Sumbody has killed in a tragic shooting.

The incident occurred in Woodmead, South Africa. DJ Sumbody shot out on Sunday early morning time. DJ Sumbody shot early in that day like Saturday night. There are no detailed information has been attached. But it was reported that 2 bodyguards of DJ Sumbody are there while the incident occurred.

DJ Sumbody’s driver was also shot by the killer. And the other news said that the bodyguards were also shot. The authority has confirmed the death news. But they didn’t mention all of the details.\

There are so many people who are very curious about seeing the CCTV footage of DJ Sumbody’s death. We are trying to get the video for you. We will attach it soon in this post. The video is not published yet publically. We will keep updating this post for the latest video clip.

The video will attach here soon…

We will definitely attach the video soon. Just give us some time to collect the footage from the official source. Stay connected with us for the DJ Sumbody shot death video footage. May his soul rest in peace.

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