Wrestler Markus Crane passes away at 33 -What Happened With Him!

Earlier today, via numerous sources, it was announced that independent wrestling star Markus Crane passed away at the age of 33. There has been no official cause of death announced, but he passed away in his sleep overnight. Prior to his passing, Crane was making a return to independent wrestling following surgery on his skull. Since then, many independent companies and wrestlers have shared their thoughts and memories regarding Crane.

Crane took an extended sabbatical starting in December 2019 after an emergency room visit for a pre-existing injury resulted in doctors finding an infection in his skull that was leaking into his brain. Crane had an emergency craniotomy to remove a portion of his skull to allow treatment for the infection. A GoFundMe campaign had raised $22,350 to aid in his recovery

Illinois-based independent wrestler Markus Crane passes away

His colleagues and relatives have shared their condolences on social networks. Many wrestlers belonging to the independent scene have posted messages of affection towards the late wrestler. Figures such as Danny Demanto, Drew Parker, Brandon Kirk or Tony Deppen have dedicated a small text to him. In turn, the company GCW has published a statement about it.

“It is with great sadness that GCW mourns the loss of Markus Crane. As a wrestler, Markus represented the spirit of GCW at its best. He was not afraid of any danger inside the ring and managed to triumph in the face of all obstacles. He played a key role in GCW’s soon-to-be success and was part of the soul and heart of the company’s cast from day one.

Crane was also a regular with AAW out of Illinois for many years including as a member of The Wet Bandits team with Dan Lawrence. The two became the promotion’s tag champions in October 2014 winning the vacant belts in a match against Athena (Ember Moon) & Heidi Lovelace (Ruby Soho).

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