Max Mosley Cause of Death, is it Suicide?-How Did He Die

Max Mosley

Former F1 boss Max Mosley committed suicide with a shotgun and left a ceiling note on the door. He reportedly committed suicide recently after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The investigation found evidence that Max committed suicide by shooting at the age of 81. On inquiry, it was revealed that he had only a few weeks of life expectancy to survive.

His cancer could be reduced through care, but it was not possible to recover completely. A suicide note found on his bedside table has been recovered. As a result of the shooting and suicide, excess blood flowed and the writings on the suicide note were deleted.

Therefore, it is not possible to read the complete suicide note. From a few words, it is assumed that there was a line that “I had no choice”.

He had earlier expressed hints of suicide to other members of his party. However, he never revealed his plans to commit suicide. He always said that the problem was he was that his wife would not accept it. I wish everyone peace to his soul.

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