Medical Assistant MATS Final Result 2024

MATS Result

We all know that the results of the Medical Assistant will be published soon. Those of you who are students of the medical assistant session 2017-18 were supposed to complete their exams in 2024. But due to the corona situation, the MATS final exam was held in 2021. And finally, the MATS result will be published in the last quarter of March 2022. MATS Third Year Final Examinations Results.

Thousands of MATS examinees are now eagerly waiting for the results. The good news for them is that this result will be published soon. Medical Assistant Training School Result 2020 has been declared by the examinees. So without delay, check out our detailed description of seeing the results from here.

Medical Assistant Training School Result 2024 PDF

Now the study of MATS and IHT is very popular but a few years ago it was not as popular as it is today. There are many government and private institutions in the country to study in this course. So many examinees across the country are waiting for this result.


State Medical Faculty Courses

  • Dentistry
  • ICA Course Curriculum
  • Technology
  • MATS Curriculum
  • Occupational Therapy
  • OTA Course Curriculum
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy

MATS Third Year Final Result Check Online

Mats students who are in the 2017-18 session were supposed to take the final exam in 2020, but the exam was completed in 2021. After that, the vibe exam was also conducted properly. Those candidates are now interned in various institutions. However, most of the test papers are under a lot of tension with the results. Because of the corona situation, their educational activities were severely disrupted.

  1. IHT Dhaka_061111 – Download 
  2. IHT Dhaka_061111 – Download
  3. IHT Dhaka_061111 – Download
  4. AMCC Ghatail, Tangail_061142 – Download
  5. IHT Rajshahi_061125 – Download
  6. IHT Rangpur_061123 – Download
  7. IHT Bogra_061129 – Download
  8. Mats Noakhali_061121 – Download
  9. Mats Kustia_061119 – Download
  10. Mats Faridpur_061133 – Download
  11. IHT Borishal_061141 –Download
  12. Mats Bagerhat_061117 –Download
  13. IHT Sylhet_061132 –Download
  14. IHT Chittagong_061137 – Download
  15. Mymensingh Medical Collage_061135 – Download
  16. Sahid Sayed Najrul Islam Medical Collage_061141 – Download
  17. Mats Jhinaida_061139 – Download
  18. Mats Tangail_061113 – Download
  19. Mats Comilla_061127 – Download
  20. Mats Sirajgong_061115 – Download

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The result will initially be published only as pass or fail. Only the names of those who have passed the exam will be published. It is to be noted that the pass number in the 100-mark exam is 50. So you need to get at least 50 marks to pass. To get the MATS result for 2017-18 Session, Click Here.

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