Mexico Dead Bodies Found- What Happened With Them

Mexico Dead Bodies Found

Seven dead bodies have been found on the road in a popular tourist area in Mexico. The bodies were discovered with bruises. A warning message has been written on the dead body.

The bodies were found on a street in the Huasteca area. Initially, the bodies did not appear to be local. They can see that they have been beaten to death.

Writing scrawled in markers on the corpses said “this is what happened to me for working with the Gulf,” an apparent reference to the Gulf cartel, which operates mainly along the U.S. border to the north.

The messages were signed “Valles Operation O.B.,” apparently a reference to a rival gang.

The area is basically a Mexican tourist area. Several drug smuggling gangs have always been active there. However, Mexican law enforcement is determined to stop drug trafficking. They have already been seen taking various anti-drug measures.

Therefore, the terrorist activities of different gangs are increasing. They are carrying out massacres at various places to increase their campaign. The gang has carried out such killings before.

Since December 2006, when the government launched a controversial military anti-drug operation, Mexico has recorded more than 340,000 murders, according to official figures.

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