Fred Roldan Cause of Death Revealed-What Happened With Him

Fred Roldan

Fred Roldán, actor and theatrical producer, died. The maña of this Saturday, March 26, the death of the producer and theater actor Fred Roldán was reported, as announced by the National Association of Interpreters.

The 62-year-old also spent the last few days in the intensive care area of a hospital. Through Instagram, his wife, actress Lupita Sandoval, announced the death.

How Did Fred Roldan Die

The actor and producer also explained that they still do not know where his burial will be, because his father already had a contract with a funeral company they offer them several options, but first they need to solve procedures and organize as little as a family.

Fred Roldan’s Cause of Death was an aggressive neck cancer

Fred Roldán entered intensive care on March 11 for suffering from aggressive cancer in the neck, so Lupita Sandoval, the ex-wife of the actor, requested support to get blood donors, a request to which his colleagues in the artistic field joined.

Days before, Lupita Sandoval had requested help for the difficult situation that the actor was experiencing, so she asked for help from all her followers.

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