Milton Gonçalves Cause of Death Revealed-What Happened With Him

Milton Gonçalves, an icon of Brazilian TV, dies at 88. According to the family, the actor and director died at home, due to the consequences of health problems arising from a stroke suffered in 2020. Known for works in ‘The Well-loved’, ‘Sincipital’ and ‘Sinhá Moça’, artists won prejudices and fought for the recognition of blacks.

The wake of the actor will be on Tuesday (31), at Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro. The body should arrive around 8:30 a.m., there will be a moment just for the family. Already at 9:30, the ceremony will be open to the public.

Milton Gonçalves Net Worth Was $10 Million

The actor worked on over 40 soap operas, as well as acting in humorous shows and miniseries. Born on December 9, 1933, in Monte Santo (MG), Milton Gonçalves was the son of peasants and moved to São Paulo as a child, when he worked as an apprentice shoemaker and tailor. After doing children’s an amateur theater, he debuted professionally in 1957 with John Steinbeck’s Show Rats and Men at the Arena. A year later, he migrated to the National Comedy Theatre.

The family of Milton Gonçalves confirmed that the actor died around 12:30, at home. According to family members, he had been experiencing health problems since he had an ischemic stroke two years ago.

During the recovery process, Milton was lower than normal and was only in a wheelchair, as he had difficulties in his left leg.


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