NHK News Anchors List

NHK TV News Anchor Name List

Sattelite Television Broadcaster NHK TV is one of the most popular News Tv channels in Japan, Today we are going to present the news anchors of this channel. NHK TV is the raised-up channel at this time. The channel had more than 2.9 million followers on the Facebook Page. NHK TV has also 2.42 million subscribers on their Facebook Page.

NHK TV was founded on 29 Nove, 2023. After that, the channel keeps its popularity by Isn’t Secret. Japanese people like to know the NHK TV channel. Japanese people’s first news channel is NHK TV. let’s check some famous news presenters list.

NHK TV Male News Anchor List

Here are some famous male anchors’ names on NHK TV. Male anchors are very special about it. They are also a part of NHK TV. The talent of all NHK TV news male anchors is so good. We will keep attaching more names to the channel.

  • Koga Hajime
  • Yamaguchi Hiroaki
  • Raja Pradhan
  • Yoshi Ogasawara
  • Ross Mihara
  • James Tengan
  • Hiro Morita
  • Ai Uchida
  • Ron Madison
  • Yuko Aotani
  • Sherry Ann Jisu

NHK TV Female Presenters

NHK TV female anchors in the top searching quarry in Japan. People learn this website for only Japan. We gave her some names & details. If you wanna get all the female anchors’ details then comment us & ready for the action. We attached here the short list of beautiful gorgeous news presenters.

  • Yamamoto Miki
  • Tashiro Kyoko
  • Keiko Kitagawa
  • Kanako Sachno
  • Rika Kawasaki
  • Erika Morishita
  • Yoko Nishimura
  • Mayuko Wakuda
  • Minori Takao
  • Yurie Omi
  • Nobuko Akaki

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