Nightbirde Cause of Death – What Happened With Her


Singer and songwriter Nightbirde passed away on Sunday at the age of 31. She was a favorite of America’s Got Talent.

The singer was reportedly battling breast cancer for 4 years. She finally died on February 19 while battling cancer. Her family has announced his death.

All the big musicians have mourned the untimely death of this music artist named Nightbirde. Fans are saying that his death has caused an irreparable loss to the music.

Nightbird struggled with breast cancer, but later cancer affected the lungs, spinal cord, and liver and died.

The singer caught the attention of many after delivering a stunning audition last year on “America’s Got Talent,” performing an original song called “It’s OK.”

Cowell awarded Marczewski a coveted “golden buzzer,” which advanced her to the next round of competition.

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