Pascual Gonzalez Cause of Death – What Happened With Him!

Pascual Gonzalez

Spain’s singer Pascual González dies. González was the founder of Cantores de Híspalis. Tragedy has shaken Spain as Pascual González, one of the founding members of Cantores de Híspalis has died. The popular Sevillian songwriter and singer died on Sunday, February 6. There is no Cause of death has been published yet. 

With a professional career of nearly 50 years, this veteran composer has been the architect of almost a thousand works of very diverse musical genres. He wrote songs for Paloma San Basilio, Massiel or Dúo Dinámico. And in 1988 he received in Düsseldorf the prize for the best European Production of that year.

According to sources close to the group, the death has occurred five days after the group canceled the national tour that was going to tour a score of stages with the show ‘Christ, Passion and Hope’, for “health reasons” of González.

His death has also been lamented by the candidate for mayor of Seville of the PP, José Luis Sanz, and the Brotherhood of San Benito, to which the singer belonged, who “has taken the name of the brotherhood to all corners of the world.”

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