Josh Neuman Plane Crash Iceland Video – How Did He Die!

Josh Neuman is an American skateboarder who died in a plane crash at the age of 22. Three people, including Josh Neuman, were reportedly killed when a plane crashed into an Icelandic lake. A media report on Monday said, “He died doing what he used to do.” “

Icelandic officials said they went in search of a submarine and other vehicles in search of a new technology. On Thursday, their Army 172 plane was decommissioned without sending any danger signal.

The 22-year-old showshall star’s untimely death has evoked a huge response on the net. Many are expressing deep sorrow.

Bad weather hindered their rescue efforts, but they were able to rescue them using submarines. Their aim was to collect footage of iceland’s stunning scenery. “All persons present were hugely passionate about travel and content creation, hence these themes were the main focus of the trip,” Boriau said.

Josh Neuman was also known for having 1.2 million YouTube subscribers. He was more popular by toying videos of mulett skateboarding.

CCTV Footages: Watch Video Clip 

The bodies of the four people who died in the accident were reportedly found 37 metres or 121 feet deep in the lake. He loved skydrivering dice of skadeboarding and running down the hill on long board.

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