Paul Dibello Car Accident video

A very popular social media person in Houstons Paul Dibello who is known by Paul Whisky died in a car accident at 34. Hidden Saturday morning in a dangerous car crash.

Seva se Meri social media person. He has a huge in Instagram followers. The case is investigated by the police. What happened with Paul Dibello! There are so many people searching it online.

Paul was also very popular on Facebook and tik tok. He has achieved so many followers on all of his social sites. Recently he worked in a furniture showroom. His boss published the death news immediately. But it is not clear what happened on Saturday morning.

There is no information about Paul’s mental condition. Is he drunk! There are so many room hours online. But we must believe the official information. You know that the case is under investigation. So if you want to know the actual information about this accident you should wait a few times.

The main thing is there are no official videos of Paul car accident. But all the followers continuously it online. Will provide any video published. So you should wait before the video is come out public.

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