Pyo Ye Rim Suicide: Emotional Video message Found

Pyo Ye Rim Bullying 

Famous Youtuber & hairdresser Pyo Ye Rim has suddenly died at age 27. She died on 10 October Tuesday 2023. Busan Police Station And Fire Department announced the news of his death. Pyo Ye Rim’s cause of death is an apparent suicide. She took her life after being a victim of school bullying.

Pyo Ye Rim is from South Korea. She was in mental depression about her school bullying. Finally, she couldn’t survive with her depression. She decides to take her life. This is such heartbreaking news for all. Her community sends mourns to her.

Pyo Ye Rim Bullying

Pyo Ye Rim was a victim of school bullying. As a result, she took her life. She had shared a video before her suicide. She attached the clue about her decision. Netizen who followed Pyo Ye Rim channel, expressed doubt about Pyo Ye Rim’s suicide decision.

You will get clarity after seeing the video she posted on her channel before her death. It was a heartbroken statement. She gave a clue about her last time and the final decision. There are so many people sending deep condolences to this Korean Family.

Pyo Ye Rim Suicide

Pyo Ye Rim went to a tall place at 12:57 p.m. Tuesday. After that, she jumped and took her life. Police have been called for an emergency rescue. Pyo Ye Rim was found at Seongjigok Reservoir. After that, Pyo Ye Rim was taken to the hospital immediately.

But the Hospital authority pronounced her dead. We are searching the CCTV footage of the time she jumped. If you have any related information then please contact us with the email. We will keep updating this post with the latest updates. Stay connected and keep sharing this post.

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